Steve Schaffer, Offers.com  and Vertive, Inc.

Steve Schaffer is the founder & CEO of Vertive, Inc. the publisher and creator of Offers.com.

Steve Schaffer Bio
Steve Schaffer is an Internet strategy, performance marketing  and product marketing professional with a 20+ year record of growing start-ups and established Internet and software companies. He is currently the CEO of Vertive, Inc., publisher of Offers.com.  Steve founded the company in May 2003 and moved to Austin, Texas, in Jan. 2004.  Today Vertive is a leading performance marketing company that is profitable, remains self-funded and has over 30 employees. Vertive’s premier website property is Offers.com. Offers.com, the place to find the best offers,  launched in Feb. 2009 and it is now a leading website for helping consumers save time and money.

Steve’s experience as a search engine marketing and business strategy consultant ultimately led to his founding Vertive.  In 2002 Steve worked with consumer, eCommerce and business services companies to implement CPC advertising campaigns and search engine optimization strategies for various Web properties and eCommerce sites. Steve has been an entrepreneur, consultant and manager at several Internet and consumer software companies including eRegCard, DayMaker, Power Up Software and Symantec.

Steve is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin and holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Finance. Steve launched his first entrepreneurial pursuits as a professional magician, Hocus the Great, when he was 10 years old.

Steve Schaffer and Offers.com were featured in the Austin American Statesman Tech Monday – March 8, 2010. “Offers.com seeks to be a breakout in a crowded field

About Offers.com
Offers.com is the place to save time and money on the Web. Find more than 15,000 of the best offers from over 3,000 stores and companies. Offers are organized into over 190 categories and classified by type of offer, including promos, coupon codes, deals, free trials and more. All offers are reviewed, rated, ranked and updated daily by the Offers.com editorial team. More than 200 offers have editors’ reviews and complete details that enable users to generate customized, side-by-side comparisons. The My Offers Locker™ is a free, easy-to-use way to “watch” offers and get updates. Watch offers, categories or stores – whether you are looking for a bargain, or just want to watch your favorite companies. We’ll let you know when offers are added or are about to expire, or when changes occur. Offers.com has an easy-to-remember domain name, and the Website is easy to navigate, with an attractive and intuitive design.

Offers.com is a Charter Corporate Member of the Performance Marketing Association (PMA), and CEO Steve Schaffer serves as president of the PMA board of directors. Offers.com is privately funded and based in Austin, Texas.

About Vertive, Inc.
Vertive, Inc., is an award-winning performance marketing company located in Austin, Texas. Founded in May 2003, Vertive has created and published over 25 best-in-class Websites for targeted vertical categories and in Feb. 2009 launched Offers.com.  Today Vertive is a leader in the Performance Marketing Industry.